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  • Craft-Your-Own Sourdough breads at Home! Our dry active sourdough starter is 100% natural that can be used in a variety of bread to enhance flavor, texture, and taste profile.
  • A 5% dosage of our sourdough starter intensifies the taste of baked goods and helps to develop a distinct aroma in the crumb. Our starter helps you to bake artisan breads with ease and gives consistent quality each time.
  • The advantages of sourdough baked goods are threefold: the bread lasts longer (thanks to microbes that produce acids and antibiotic compounds), it helps in digestion (good for your gut), and most importantly, it tastes better.
  • Produce traditionally baked bread with a golden past in your kitchen.
  • We provide you with easy to use recipes for French Baguette, Italian Ciabatta, Herb Focaccia, Artisan Bread Loaf with our sourdough starter, but the possibilities are endless.

Sourdough Starter Culture | Active | Instant | All-Natural | Instructions Incl.