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  • FRAPPE MAKING SAMPLING KIT: The kit contains 8 sachets of Frappe Premix (2 Sachets each of Chocolate Frappe, Espresso Frappe, Matcha Frappe & Coconut Frappe). Each sachet can be used to make 2 glasses of Frappes.
  • BLEND, POUR, SERVE WITHIN SECONDS: Blend together One Sachet of Posh Flavors Frappe Mix, 120 ml of Dairy/Non-Dairy Milk & 8 Ice-Cubes! Voila; Cafe style Frappe ready at home within seconds.

  • WITH GOODNESS OF JAPANESE MATCHA, TENDER COCONUT, BELGIAN CHOCOLATE & RICH COFFEE : Our frappe mix contains real Japanese Culinary, Antioxidant-rich, 100% Japanese Matcha. The Coconut Frappe is refreshing, sweet, nutty. The Espresso Frappe has intense coffee flavour and silky smooth texture. The chocolate frappe contains Antioxidant-rich 100% Belgian Chocolate. Our Frappe will leave your taste buds asking for more.

  • CAFE STYLE REFRESHING, CREAMY, FOAMY FRAPPE: Enjoy the summers with an exotic, chilled, refreshing gourmet range of Posh Flavors Frappe Mixes. Beat the summer heat with instant style ice-cold frappe mix that gives you instant gratification. 

  • CAN BE MADE WITH ANY MILK: Add any milk or nut mylk and you will have Cafe style Frappe ready at home without any additional costs!
  • INDIVIDUAL REFILL PACKS AVAILABLE: Once you sample & like a specific Frappe, you can choose to buy our 200 grams Refill Packs.

Frappe Making Kit | 4 Different Frappes - Choco, Matcha, Espresso, Coconut