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Our story begins with two of our founding members, Alla and Prakhar, who met in Berlin – a hotspot for founders and potential entrepreneurs. With a love for food, a passion for eating and a common will to to bring people and cultures together through the joy and art of cooking, Alla's Posh Flavors was born!  We both are starry-eyed: “We spent more than 3 years in Europe riding bikes, eating wonderful locally-grown food. Everything was so environmentally oriented. Everything got recycled. Environmentalism was very high up in the list of Europeans’ priorities. Living in Berlin, in our new rented house we’ve got a dream kitchen, so big and equipped. The kitchen became our cozy heaven, where we were experimenting lacto-fermented pickles before quickly moving on to yogurts, cheese and hands-on cooking itself. We believe there is a growing movement to put food production back in the hands of the people.

We wanted to open a second wind in the India's food industry market.  We hope that Alla's Posh Flavors gives you that little extra nudge to experiment in the kitchen and learn some new techniques. We hope it's an exciting new experience that exposes you and your family to new cultures and flavors at home. Last but not least, we hope it helps you chase after that feeling when you're so proud to share a new "it-totally-turned-out" recipe (you know that feeling, right?).



I'm Alla


I'm Prakhar

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To make ingredients easily accessible to you, so that you, the real creator, can craft your own food from scratch. We are here to inspire you to take a break from routine, to be creative and try something new & different. Take a break, slow down from the hectic technology-driven world, and share delicious home-made food with your family & friends. Our value-added food products are handcrafted and packed with love in India.



Fun for everyone: We do the upfront legwork and let you focus on creating amazing products right in your own kitchen with loved ones.

Explore like Never Before: Our unique DIY kits are full of speciality ingredients. Explore new foods, techniques & different cultures. 

Your Special Touch: With us, handcrafting is not about quick fixes but about putting your own soul to the food to create something authentic & extraordinary. 

Global Experience: Our kits will provide the global ingredients. Combine them with local ingredients and take a small trip to different countries. Take your tastebuds somewhere the comfort of your kitchen.

Economical & Efficient: No need to sit online, search for recipes or buy huge bags of several hard-to-find ingredients. Invest in a kit and have all the ingredients and detailed tried-and-tested recipes delivered to your place.

Unique Experiential Gifts: We have kits for all ages. Gift not just a product but an experience. It shows that you care and also gives you an opportunity to make memories together. 

Creative Crush: Handcraft delicious meals and see your Instagram & YouTube explode with likes.

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We’d be honored if you welcomed Alla's Posh Flavors into your kitchen for your next cooking adventure. 

Posh Flavors - The Top Pick, DIY Food Boutique!

Happy Cooking, 


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