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  • KEFIR. REIMAGINED. : Our Kefir culture is a direct-set culture with good probiotic strains of bacteria. It is a great start for those making Kefir for the first time and who don’t want to maintain the grains.


  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED: The Kefir Culture contains 7 sachets of starter culture. Each sachet can be used to make rich, creamy, thick, and delicious Kefir from a 1-litre batch of milk. It can be re-used to prepare up to 5 new batches using the prepared kefir.


  • QUANTITY & QUALITY: This pack can make up to 35 Litres of Kefir. The quality of our Kefir culture is superior to any culture available in the Indian Market. Kefir made from our culture gives your biome everything it could ask for.


  • CLEAN. SIMPLE. POWERFUL: Contains only Functional Live Cultures. No Added Sugar & Alternatives. No Gums & Thickeners. No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients.


  • DRINK IT. SNACK IT. EAT IT. : Enjoy kefir as a drink; make smoothies or add what you like to give your own taste. Kefir will fill you up and give you the energy to conquer the world. Enjoy kefir with granola and fruits, and make bowls; the limit is your imagination.