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  • SMETANA / SOUR CREAM CULTURE: It is a special strain of freeze-dried culture specially blended to make Smetana or Eastern-European Style Sour Cream at Home. Homemade Smetana will have a far more "character" than a store-bought one: more tang & tartness, with an unapologetic creaminess that makes it almost sweet. A real Smetana is one of the foundational flavors & textures of Eastern European cuisine.


  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY & EASY-TO-USE: Each sachet is for 1 litre of Cream. These cultures can be used with UHT Cream which is easily available in Indian Market in Tetrapacks.


  • NON-GMO, ALL-NATURAL AND GLUTEN FREE: Craft-Your-Own cheese at home with absolute peace of mind with this Posh Flavors Smetana Culture as it contains only the right ingredients and nothing artificial.


  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED: The “Smetana Culture” contains 10 convenient sachets of starter culture. Each sachet can be used to make sour cream from 1 litre of heavy cream.


  • WE UNDERSTAND YOUR PROBLEM: With cheesemaking, it can get really difficult for a home cheesemaker to get the required ingredients in small quantities. Bearing this in mind, our cheese cultures are available in small sachets which can be easily used at home.

Smetana Culture | Eastern European Sour Cream | 100% Veg | No Preservatives