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Rye Sourdough Starter with Activated Charcoal | 100% Natural | No Artificial Coloring Added | No Preservatives | Dried Powdered Form | Instant Sourdough - No Feeding/Maturing Required | Easy-to-Use Instructions Included


  • Bake-Your-Own Rye Sourdough breads with a distinct carbon coloured crumb at Home! Our dry active sourdough starter is 100% natural and without any artificial coloring that can be used in a variety of bread to enhance flavor, texture, and taste profile.
  • WOW FACTOR: Surprise your Family members with this unique & trendy dark carbon-colored sourdough bread. Our starter helps you to bake Unique artisan breads with ease and gives consistent quality each time.
  • PRE- & PROBIOTIC: The advantages of sourdough baked goods are threefold: the bread lasts longer (thanks to microbes that produce acids and antibiotic compounds), it helps in digestion (good for your gut), and most importantly