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  • ARTISANAL PROBIOTIC DAHI CULTURE: It is a special strain of freeze-dried culture which can be used to produce Probiotic-Rich Curd easily.


  • TRADITIONAL, THICK, DELICIOUS WITH MINIMUM WHEY SEPARATION: Our culture is specifically blended in such a way that the whey separation is minimum and you get a creamy traditional dahi.


  • NO PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES: It is 100% Veg, Non-GMO, and Does not contain any additives or Preservatives


  • WHY USE CURD CULTURE: Instead of the previous day's curd?
    1. Cultures help you to get a lot of probiotics which are not available in your regular Curd or Dahi.
    2. Cultures increase the shelf life of Curd/ Dahi (in a natural way) without the presence of any preservatives.
    3. The Curd/ Dahi does not go sour for at least 2 weeks or even more when stored in the refrigerator.


  • QUICK & FAST: Because of the high quality of cultures, a perfect curd sets within 4 hours when it is incubated at 40 degrees celsius. We provide you with complete support over WhatsApp and E-mail 24/7.

Probiotic Artisanal Curd Starter Culture | 100% Veg | Probiotics-Rich | Non-GMO