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  • GREEK YOGURT CULTURE: Freeze-dried authentic Greek yogurt culture with good probiotic strains of bacterias.
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED: The Greek Yogurt Starter Culture contains 2 sachets of starter culture. Each packet can be used to make rich, creamy, thick, and delicious yogurt from 1 litre of milk.
  • NON-GMO AND GLUTEN FREE: Craft-Your-Own Greek Yogurt at home with absolute peace of mind with this starter culture as it contains only the right ingredients and nothing artificial.
  • PROBIOTICS-RICH: The presence of live cultures makes it healthy, probiotic-rich food, and good for your gut. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that support the function of your digestive system.
  • EAT WITH PLEASURE: Greek yogurt is like having a moment. This thing is rich, creamy, thick, and delicious! For many centuries, individuals around the globe have been gradually surrendering to its charm, and quite befittingly. Try it once, and you will not look back to the normal yogurt or dahi. Eat it not just for the nutritional value, also for its taste!

Greek Yogurt Culture | Non-GMO | 100% Veg | Make Batch-After-Batch

₹499.00 Regular Price
₹425.00Sale Price