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Make delicious cheese at home in India

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

The craft of cheesemaking at home - Easy, Cheesy & Delicious.

A guide to how to make cheese at home- easily and quickly in your own kitchen.

Let’s shake some Milk!

Have you ever could imagine that one day you handcraft a homemade Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta, and many more cheeses at home right in your kitchen? The day has come. It can be a new hobby or a new pair with wine or fun for whole family & friends or perhaps a unique gift or you are a social media dude who loves cooking and wants to impress – you a master of your cheese – you decide. Last but not least, to make your own cheese at home is friendly to our wallets, since we provide all supplies and step-by-step instructions – great news. Does it sound for you as a new culinary adventure? Let’s then start our journey.

There are 5 fundamental elements in any cheese:

1. Milk – the foundation of cheese

2. Cultures – to ripen the milk

3. Rennet – to coagulate the milk

4. Salt – to add flavor to cheese

And the 5th element is Time.

Once you will conquer fresh cheeses, you can start experimenting with aged – more complex cheeses. In spite of the great number of cheese types, these common fundamental elements are the basis of any cheese. You are in your power to experiment and make all types of cheese at your home. And remember, we are always available to support you.

The basic steps to convert your fresh milk to delicious cheese:

Dear cheese lovers, if your appetite is dropping or if you are feeling tired from mass-market cheese, why not rejuvenate your options.

Are you still wondering, how should you get started? Well, start simply, the secret is to take one step at a time. Start out with our Italian Cheese Kit, use our detailed instructions & tips as well as high quality ingredients to craft the perfect cheese made by your own-self. Enjoy the delicacy and be proud.

Once your homemade cheese is ready, follow your taste buds where they lead you. Pair the cheese with a complementing food or beverage or eat as is. The possibilities are endless.

Share your cheesemaking journey with us at @poshflavors on Instagram.

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